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Maati - MUD IS a versatile building material that has been used to make some extraordinary architectural marvels -- from 1,000-year.

Mud-based houses are naturally insulated, so they will be cool in summers and warm in winters. They are extremely strong if constructed correctly, and proponents of earth houses claim they are resistant to earthquakes. Mudhouse is very healthy with no irritant chemicals incorporated within the mixture to cause any allergies, etc.

Earth houses are best seen as a community project, and as such are a potential game-changer for a village. Building earth houses is about developing self-reliance. And self-reliance brings on many other benefits.

India has a rich tradition in mud architecture and more than 65 million of about 118 million houses in the country are made of mud.

Yes, it's true…

You will get to experience a 100-year-old lifestyle with Maati and you will live it for a lifetime.

Maati- A dramatic hideaway in a RED & Green forest wonderland.




At Maati, we know that happy kids result in happy parents and a great holiday, which is why we go the extra mile to please our junior guests With a vibrant and welcoming...




Hidden amidst our cashew plantations, sit 3 mud houses, that perfectly represents what Maati stands for – a century-old lifestyle, infused with our signature...




Maati is situated amidst the red and green nature, surrounded by lush cashew plantations in tourism District Sindhudurg at village Janavli, Taluka Kankavli.

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