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About Us

The Resort

The Mud is the great connector of our lives, the source, and the destination of all. Every time it rains, the mud counts every drop to know exactly how many times to thank God! In the same way, any guest visiting Maati thanks God for bringing him back to mother earth and connecting with mud. Maati dons a blanket of red mud with lush green, throughout the year, keeping the land fresh and the air pure! The ancient mud house built by the Malvanis (the local villagers) at the resort takes you back to a century-old era giving you the epitome 0f exclusivity, privacy, and peace of mind. Every detail of the resort has been carefully nuanced to bring about the perfect juxtaposition of the warmth of a century-old house and the charm of luxury. You will pamper your senses, as you treat yourself to the break you deserve. 

Hidden amidst our cashew plantations, sit 3 mud houses, that perfectly represent what Matti stands for – a century-old lifestyle, infused with our signature style of luxurious comfort. The Janavli, Savdav, and Tarandale mud houses, which are more or less identical, have been built by a talented family of local Malvanies from nearby villages. They have used their age-old techniques and materials such as cow dung to layer the walls and wood and block tiles for the roofs. These, spacious houses that come with an en-suite bathroom, can accommodate 2 people along with one extra bed. To add to their ancient charm, are the wooden artifacts and of course, the traditional village design that adorns their cow dung floor.

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