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Some nights cannot be recreated. Let's live one of them!

What better place to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or special private party than a sublime by the lush greenery that radiates the gracefulness of nature with your loved ones?

Restaurant Food
Tree light Dinner below the tree

Ever feasted on delectable meals while sitting down the tree? We are honored to offer you a Tree Light Dinner with seductive lighting that will propel you into a charming world of magic. All this while your tummy and heart are taken aback by the wholly appetizing intimacy.

Movie in the Jungle

Hold your breath and opt-in for a cinematic experience in the jungle. Anchor on through the tranquility of the Cashew trees and allow the beauty of cinema and nature to seduce your senses to that of a canoodled baby. So, is it Akshay or Salman?

Watching Movie Together
Steak on the Grill

BBQ Under the Stars

If you are looking for something more casual, join us in the cashew plantation for a sizzling selection of food at our BBQ Under the Stars. Select your favorites from the special BBQ menu and enjoy an evening of relaxed culinary fun.


To top it up, our hospitality and event management professionals bring the luxury of flexibility along. State your demands and watch us transform mere vision into wondrous reality.

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